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All PêcheandBeige pieces can and should be washed. If done correctly, with each wash, sweaters, hats, scarves, and other garments become even more delicate, and these are not mere words everyone is rather tired of. Want to know everything about cashmere care at home? Explore our ultimate guide!

1. Easy care

Don’t worry about the goats: our cashmere fibres are gently combed by hand off the goat’s soft undercoat only in the moulting season. We are strongly opposed to hormonal manipulation of cashmere growth and our certificates are there to prove it.

3. Cruelty-free cashmere

① four or five Mongolian mountain goats' fluff;
② no synthetic impurities;
③ the design that we developed as if it was for ourselves;
④ a garment factory in Russia with more than 10 years of experience in cashmere production;
⑤ door to door delivery.
And no hidden processes.

2. Brand transparency

We use recycled packaging and canvas bags, all of which can be further re-used for storing accessories. Believe us, if you put your yoga uniform in such a bag, you might want to attend your classes more often.

4. Consciousness

Our garment factory has been working with pure Mongolian cashmere for 10 years. Each delivery of yarn used for our items is inspected for quality by our technologists. Moreover, our cashmere is dyed with natural Japanese fabric dyes.

6. Professionalism

We want every item shipped to you to be of the highest quality possible. That’s why we use only pure cashmere. For the same reason, we travelled throughout the country in search of a decent garment factory. PêcheandBeige cannot compete with mass-market prices nor willing to do it. Encouraging impulse buying is not our goal; what we are offering is the garments that will serve you for more than 10 years.

5. Fair prices

PêcheandBeige uses only natural cashmere without any viscose, acrylic or other synthetic blends. We closely monitor the cashmere fibres for our garments to be organic, fine and long. After all, the value lies entirely in the fineness and fibre length of the material. What’s more, PêcheandBeige cashmere hardly pills, which means that we use only long fibres that are less prone to pilling effect.

7. Pure cashmere